Our Mission is to Help
Home & Business Owners
Create Warm, Comfortable, Elegant
Homes & Retail Spaces

What is unique about Distinctive Dwellings is that we use a guided educational
approach from start to finish that is fun and exciting instead of
overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming.


  • Establish a budget for your project and the best way to allocate that budget to achieve your desired results. With our design expertise, you make all design, product and material selections before construction begins, ensuring the features, functionality, products and décor you desire are built into the price of your new home. With Distinctive Dwellings, allowances and budget over-runs due to inadequate allowances are a thing of the past. End result? Peace of mind!
  • Create a home unique to your lifestyle or retail space unique to your desired client experience with more features, amenities and functionality for less money. We design individual rooms and overall floor plans that enable you to perform daily routines and desired activities with comfort, beauty, ease and efficiency.
  • Prevent budget overruns and costly design and material selection mistakes.
  • Eliminate stress by giving you the knowledge to make confident decisions on every detail, from the floor plans to the paint colors. We understand the feeling you want to experience when entering and spending time in your home or retail space and help you select the products to achieve a sense of harmony throughout while still creating your desired mood and environment.
  • Continue to live your life while you create your dream home or retail space. Because we’re equally skilled at project management, Distinctive Dwellings oversees every aspect of the construction process so that you can continue to live your life, knowing that all the details of your project are being handled. Weekly or bi-monthly project review meetings, scheduled at your convenience, are conducted at your project site to ensure you are kept abreast of the construction progress without the personal burden.

You too can transform a home or retail space through renovation and addition or, build a new home or retail space with an our approach knowing that you can achieve your desired result with less time, stress and frustration.

Working in partnership with you, Distinctive Dwellings offers you a trusted single-source solution. We can provide you with engineering, design, architectural, product selection and project management services to make your project faster and easier than traditional project methods.

Enjoy the process of creating your warm comfortable elegant home or retail space.

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