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When we took on this home project, we were charged with a unique proposition – take on the project and construction management of a Dream Home that just happens to also be a Green Home and a home that we intend to pass down in our family for generations.

Green HomeAs a “Dream Home,” this house was designed with the homeowners’ lifestyle in mind.

Utility areas were pushed north to provide living space in the prime southern-facing areas. Bedrooms and bathrooms are smaller in exchange for larger living areas. This home also offers many beautiful extras including an outdoor bamboo shower, built-in salt water and fresh water fish tanks, and a 16-foot rock climbing wall for their children’s entertainment.

As a “Green Home,” this home was designed for near net zero energy costs together with LEED Gold and NAHB Emerald designations. This home includes many state of the art technologies including a super insulated envelope, triple pane windows, reflective standing seam roofing, a geothermal system, photo voltaic panels, a rainwater catchment system and advanced smart home and home automations systems.

Says homewoner Sherwood Johnson, “We built our house simply because nothing comparable was available on the market. Our goals were to reap the benefits of green building: energy efficiency, minimal environmental impact, and health benefits, but “most of all” the comfort that comes from an open, day-lit house that is well-insulated and heated/cooled, yet feels connected to the outdoors.”

Many aspects of green building pay for themselves easily, even after using advanced building methods and material. To make it all come together seamlessly, though, requires knowledge and long-term outlook on everyone’s part. Everyone involved in this project wants to be both an example and a resource for others who are interested in building a green home, as well as to help future homeowners avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong contractors for the job.

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