About Us

Lori Smith, Owner of Distinctive Dwellings located in Cranberry Twp. However, she works all over the city.

She provides design, architectural and construction consulting services for residential and commercial owners. A passion of hers. She had the good fortune to be able to design and build 2 homes of her own.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from VA Tech. She was the president of Eta Kappa Nu, the Penn State Electrical Engineering Honors Society. Big Deal. Who knew. She was one of 5 skirts in the class. Seriously, it opened many doors. Who knew smart was so in!

She has 2 sons, Tyler, 18 and Evan, 15. You can find her all up and down the east coast throughout the summer. The boys race gravity east downhill mountain bike. She used to be a hockey mom and had no idea that she knew Jack Grater and his family until Jergels. Our children played hockey together. Small world. Now I am a downhill mountain bike mom. Both boys are winners 1st and 2nd place. They both want to go pro and mom is there to coach them. Big Fun!!!

I am very physically fit, love my work, read a lot, and imagine that, love to take care of my home! My burning desire is to make sure that everyone who builds or renovates a home has the best possible counsel to get it right. After all it is the largest investment of their life. That is the same for the business owners. I want to make sure they create the environment that keeps the customers coming back and referring their business.

Something no one knows about me I talk to myself all the time. Too funny. It’s very fun to have a conversation with yourself. Especially when you say “why the heck did you do that?” Imagine that answer!!!

My perspective on the key to success is to be the best at what you love to do. I love helping people create the home or business of their dreams. A good referral for me is a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or attorney that is married with children and is outgrowing their home. Another good referral for me is a business owner creating a new space or expanding and wants to create an experience for their clientele to retain clients and get referrals.