Construction & Consulting

Distinctive DwellingConstruction Bid Package Services

This service prepares a bid package for you to provide to your contractors for pricing your project and providing you with the details of how you can expect the contractor to work with you during and after construction has been completed. While we will never recommend one contractor over another, we can help you clarify and prioritize your decision criteria for selecting a contractor and evaluate their proposals against your decision criteria to ensure you make the right decision for your project.

This package includes the following:

  • This package includes — construction drawings, product selections workbook and a cover letter inviting them to bid on your project along with a request for their documents necessary for you to understand what you can expect in working with those contractors during construction and after construction has been completed. We can also provide you with recommended contractors qualified for your construction project should you need referrals.
  • We assist you in identifying and prioritizing 4-6 critical decision criteria for the selection of the winning proposal and contractor for your project. We assist you in evaluating each of the proposals against the decision criteria to ensure you select the RIGHT contractor and eliminate the time, money and stress “nightmare” that comes with selecting the WRONG contractor.

Distinctive DwellingDesign Optimization Services

Ensure you get the very most for your money.

In addition to optimizing the floor plan designs to maximize functional space within the budget, we optimize the design and system selection of the heating and cooling system and to ensure maximum heating and cooling comfort for the best possible price. In most cases, we have been able to save our clients a significant amount of money that they either kept or used to fund additional upgrades.

We also work closely with the electrical contractor to ensure the wiring installation is completed and to the specification of the construction drawing electrical plans, including lighting fixtures, switches and outlets. Actual framing does not always allow for the design to be implemented identical to the construction drawing electrical plans. We make the field implementation decisions that meet the construction needs and the finished space vision and goals so that you are not faced with those decisions.

Distinctive DwellingDesign & Project Management Services

Have Peace of Mind Knowing that Your Trusted Project Designer & Consultant will take Care of the Design Details & Ensure Construction is Completed to the Design Specifications.

Our design and project management service include, but are not limited to, the following services.

  • We design built-ins, kitchen & baths, studies, laundry rooms, built-ins, wine cellars and tasting rooms, product displays, bars, salon stations, etc. As with our home and retail space designs, we use the same systematic approach to create warm, comfortable, elegant and functional spaces through exceptional interior design.
  • We can assist you in selecting paint and stain colors to coordinate with all product selections made throughout the home or retail space.
  • We can assist you with landscape design to give your home or retail space the beautiful finishes touches it deserves.
  • Our project management services ensure the constructed space is built to the specification of the construction drawings and product selections workbook. Just because it is in writing doesn’t mean that is what will be constructed and installed.  When field implementation deviates from the construction drawings for unforeseen reasons, we provide solutions and guide our clients through the decision making process to eliminate unpleasant surprises and ensure construction is not interrupted.  This service typically entails site meetings with the contractor with or without you. Either way, we are the expert eyes and ears that keep you informed throughout the project.