Architectural Services

Ensure Your Home or Retail Space is Exceptional with Drawings Created
Using Interior Design Principles

Green HomeOnce we have developed your custom floor plans, we can create construction drawings for obtaining loan approval and a building permit. Our construction drawings are created with furniture layouts using interior design principles that result in more warm, comfortable, elegant and functional spaces, kitchens that provide aisles that are large enough to allow someone to get through the aisle while the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher are open, 2 people to use the master bath cabinet/counter top space, comfortably. Windows and doors are placed based on the furniture layouts, cabinetry and built-in designs for the finished rooms and spaces. Study’s and laundry rooms are designed to make the function of the space easy and efficient.

The details of the construction drawings design ensure the functional and transition spaces in retail spaces are generous enough to ensure easy client transition between the different areas of the space and to provide warm, comfortable and elegant functional service spaces for the client and the employees. For retail spaces, the design is developed to “process” the client through the space in a comfortable, easy way that makes the client feel special and pampered.

In addition to the structural details of the project, our construction drawing packages include detailed lighting plans that include both task and mood lighting. The task lighting ensures the space can be used as it was intended to function, day or night. Its mood lighting that makes the space inviting and comfortable. Our lighting plans, complete with lighting fixtures, switch and outlet locations, are developed to be functional and intuitive to eliminate the traditional “trying every switch” approach to find the light that you seek and a shortage of functionally installed outlets.