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Lori Smith, owner of Distinctive Dwellings located in Cranberry Township, PA provides design, architectural and construction consulting services for residential and commercial owners all over the city. This is a passion of hers and she has had the good fortune to design and build 2 homes of her own.

Lori has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. She was the president of Eta Kappa Nu, the Penn State Electrical Engineering Honors Society and was one of only five skirts in the class! These accomplishments have opened many doors for Lori – Who knew smart was so “in”?!

Lori has 2 sons, Tyler and Evan, who are her pride and joy. She loves her job, is very physically active, enjoys reading (a lot!), and loves to take care of her home. “My home is my sanctuary – where I recharge and create. I love to be able to help others achieve the same for themselves. My burning desire is to make sure that everyone who builds or renovates a home has the best possible counsel to get it right. After all, a home is the largest investment of their life.”  This is the same for the business owners. “I want to make sure owners create the environment that their customers love to visit, keeps them coming back, and makes them want to refer to others.”

Lori’s perspective on the key to success is “to be the best at what you love to do” and what Lori loves to do is to help people “create the home or business of their dreams!”

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