Planning & Custom Floor Plans

Enhance the Quality of Your Life with a Personalized Home or Retail Space Design

20110704_hstrnds_johnson 1643Whether you are personalizing an existing home through renovation and/or an addition or building a new home, homeowners will be teamed with a Professional Designer who will take the time to understand your functional needs and desires for every room in your home.

Our retail business owners are also teamed with a Professional Designer who explores, in depth, the business goals for every service offered by your business, the functional needs of the retail space and your vision for the desired client environment and experience.

The process of identifying these home or retail space goals is made easy and fun using our guided Lifestyle or Business Goals Questionnaire.

If you are on the fence on how best to proceed with your current or new home or retail space, we can consult with you to determine if an existing or new property can be reconfigured to meet your needs. We work closely with you to identify the function, look and feel you desire to achieve for your home or retail space. Equipped with this knowledge, we can recommend solutions and strategies to achieve those goals.


After we have developed detailed Project Design Requirements for your project, complete with function, design and product elements for all rooms, we conduct an area calculation for the home or retail space that maximizes functional usable square footage, minimizes transitional space, such as hallways, and meets the project budget goals.

We then design customized floor plans to scale, complete with furniture layouts, to meet the needs of the family’s unique lifestyle or the retail owner’s business goals today and for years to come. Have floor plans you love that need revisions to personalize your project? No problem. We will customize those plans for you. Using this innovative approach, we are able to develop initial custom floor plans that are 85-90% complete to our client’s vision and goals, making the process of developing your custom floor plans efficient and stress-free.