Product Selections

Save Time & Effort Creating the Environment You Love While Staying on Budget

KitchenProfessional Construction and Interior Designers save you time, effort and frustration by helping you select all of your project products, including stone, brick, siding, exterior trim, roofing systems, garage doors, cabinetry, counter tops, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures, appliances, window and door trim, built-ins, product displays, paint and stain colors, etc. to create a space that reflects your unique vision, style and goals. We use a guided, collaborate approach to product selection that educates you on the options available to achieve your goals along with the pros and cons of each option to enable you make confident choices.

BathroomOur team develops for you a detailed workbook that includes all your selected project materials down to cabinetry handles and knobs. These selections are made to ensure a consistent theme and style is implemented throughout the entire home or retail space for the established project budget. The end result is a home or retail space that is warm, comfortable, and elegant that enables the owner and employees to spend less time on daily chores and routines and more time enjoying the personalized comfort and beauty of the space and, providing retail customers with outstanding service.

Making all project product selections before pricing the project with a contractor and beginning construction allows you to allocate your budget on your most important features and, avoid costly field changes, delays and budget overruns that can be as much as 25% above the original contract price.